Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tokio Hotel T.V. And Other News!

All my followers here in my blog and youtube will soon be able to download all of the Tokio Hotel Episodes. I won't post them until I upload them all. I'm not going to upload them to youtube. I will make a video saying that everyone can download them. Also, I won't keep on posting to let you know the videos I am uploading for you. I have a Twitter, I can keep you updated there.

Also, I need a site that I can upload unlimited pictures to. I want you to be able to see pictures you might want and pictures that I edit. So if you know of any sites please let me know. The only site I know of with unlimited space is Tinypic.

Another thing, Tom's Blog. I won't post any thing he posts unless it has to do with the band. I know we are all interested in what he has to say but I think we all want to hear more about the band.

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