Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tokio Hotel Caught On Camera DVD Part 3!

Well I have heard that part three of the second dvd wasn't working so you can download it here!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tokio Hotel Calendar release date!

The calendar is to be released in Tokio Hotel's Merchandise on August 18,2009. I am not sure whether or not everybody will be able to order but once I find out, I will post something new.

By the way I haven't said anything about August 27th yet.

Nokia and Tokio Hotel conclude exclusive advertising cooperation for the new album “Humanoid”

Ratingen, 22nd July 2009 – August will be hot! Nokia presents the exclusive long-awaited new studio album, “Humanoid”, from Germany’s international most successful rock band Tokio Hotel.

The cooperation gives Nokia and the fans of the band an unique opportunity to meet Tokio Hotel close-up! Already on the 27th of August (Cologne Festplatz / Südstadion), the four Magdeburger will perform their biggest hits from the past and a new song from the yet unreleased album Humanoid LIVE and Unplugged! Directly after the 6 song Acoustic-Set, there’ll be an autograph session, to which all concert visitors are invited. On the evening 1400 fans will receive access to this very special event! The tickets can not be bought. From the 3rd August on, all fans have the possibility to win tickets for the gig by visiting the page www.nokia.de!

For the lucky fans who could win a ticket, Nokia has an extra candy: Each visitor will receive a Nokia Music package with extensive Fanmaterial from Tokio Hotel and a voucher for the Nokia Music Store. This allows the winner to download the forthcoming album of Tokio Hotel in the Nokia Music Store!

“Music is emotion, and like no other group in the recent years, Tokio Hotel has this positive energy, in our view. The fact that good music knows no borders, shows the enthusiasm, which the band triggers worldwide. As Nokia, we look forward to be able to present the fans, of the band. the next milestone in the career of Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg”, says Heikki Tarvainen, Managing Director of Nokia Germany.

“After a lot of successful and activities abroad, we can now, for the new album, offer more for Germany. In Nokia we found a strong and innovative partner for comprehensive co-operation. Our event in Cologne is only the beginning. What will follow is a Special version of the new album for the Nokia Music Store, then there’ll be a poster campaign and a further large Signing Session in Germany!” Benjamin Ebel, management of Tokio Hotel.

As a consolation for those who couldn’t grab a ticket for Cologne, Nokia and Tokio Hotel will have a mobile content package in selected stores. So that the waiting for the album release can be shortened for all the other fans.

The Mobile Content Package includes:

* 10 Euro Music Voucher to download the new Tokio Hotel Album “Humanoid”
* A Never before available spoken short message and ringtones from the band
* Wallpaper with new Visuals from the Covershooting
* 3 exclusive Tokio Hotel TV Episodes from the Covershooting and an up-to-date Bandinterview

Everything can be downloaded at the Nokia Ovi Store. More Infos will be availible soon at www.nokia.de.

More Infomation about the event will be released at the beginning of August in the context of the announcment of the Nokia o2 World on Tour.
Source: Nokia.de

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New 2010 Tokio Hotel Calendar!

I will post when I find out they are selling the calendars.

Tom Is Getting Sued!!!

Perrine’s lawyer says that they’re suing Tom because of the injuries she suffered from their fight on the gas station. They’re expecting to get at least 5.000 €. Still no reaction from the band/their management.

Tokio Hotel T.V. And Other News!

All my followers here in my blog and youtube will soon be able to download all of the Tokio Hotel Episodes. I won't post them until I upload them all. I'm not going to upload them to youtube. I will make a video saying that everyone can download them. Also, I won't keep on posting to let you know the videos I am uploading for you. I have a Twitter, I can keep you updated there. www.twitter.com/TiffehTard

Also, I need a site that I can upload unlimited pictures to. I want you to be able to see pictures you might want and pictures that I edit. So if you know of any sites please let me know. The only site I know of with unlimited space is Tinypic.

Another thing, Tom's Blog. I won't post any thing he posts unless it has to do with the band. I know we are all interested in what he has to say but I think we all want to hear more about the band.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Posts from Tom!

L.A. Adventures
"We just spent a few days in L.A. to record the final chords for our new album HUMANOID. Of course, we also stopped by at Interscope / Cherrytree Records to show Martin Kierszenbaum and Brenda Romano some rough mixes of our new songs."

Comment From Me:

Seeing that they are recording the final chords for Humanoid, I think they should release the album before October 2nd. And I want to know more about these "rough remixes" lol. And by the way I am sorry for not posting much but my old computer died and I had to recover a lot of files.

Tokio Hotel DVD Part 2 FREE DOWNLOAD!!

This is divided into 5 parts.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Posts from Tom!

I Hated My School!
"Just thinking about my old school building gives me the creeps. Absolutely horrible. Just so you know, Bill really enjoyed going to school and he was so thrilled every year when the summer holidays finally ended! ;)
Have a look at this school in Berlin and imagine you attend classes there. Had this been our building and if the teachers were a little more cool then I would have repeated grade 10 forever ;) [ok, not true at all]"

Picture Credits: Erika Mann Grundschule, Berlin

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

New Posts from Tom!

"And now we have everyone up again. Don’t ask me what kind of mission Gustav and Georg are on, I have no clue :D"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I personally think this pic of Georg and Gustav is the cutest thing on the planet.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

GOODIES: Tokio Hotel Edited Pics!

These are all edited by me! Believe it or not, I edited these with a video editing program!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Tokio Hotel Houston Radio Hot Hits 95.7 Interview + Free Download!

Thanks for watching! Just an interview of Tokio Hotel.

Sorry I didn't have this available for download when I uploaded it to Youtube.

New Posts from Tom!

Samy Deluxe
"This video of my favourite German rapper Samy Deluxe turned out really well. I think they should have included a Tokio Hotel concert in this miniature world, or even better: a Tom Kaulitz statue. I’ll need to talk to Samy about that :)"

*Once I Find This Video I Will Post It With This*

NEWS; Tokio Hotel New album - Martin from Cherrytree Records Reporting

Martin from Cherrytree Records Reporting
My trip kicked off with a visit to Berlin for some quality time with the topnotch team at Universal Germany. Frank, Tom, Cornelius, Dirk, Milli, Sven, Alex, Sarah, Michael, Jochem all treated me like family and we went over a lot of exciting new ideas.

For those you wondering right now:
Yes, we did discuss potential Tokio Hotel single and album release dates but nothing’s been confirmed just yet. The good news there, of course, is that we’ll all be able to hear about Tokio Hotel developments directly from guitarist Tom Kaulitz himself now that he’s launched his daily blog.

As those of you who witnessed its debut know, Tom announced his blog with an exclusive video message for us right here on cherrytreerecords.com (still up on the main screen now).

New Posts from Tom!

This is one that I have been waiting for!

"I’ve been searching for Bill pics from the shoot the whole day...some that are decent enough to share ;)
Believe it or not, I actually found some!"
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Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is not a true thing. It could be false. Have a look!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1.Konzentriere Dich
2.Herzen Im Sturm
3.Ganz Hinten
4.Dunkle Seite Der Sonne
6.Trauerst Nach
7.Mit Den Geigen
9.Schmerz Der Liebe
10.Unter Dem Himmel
12.Zur Höhe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2.In The Storm
3.The Bottom
4.The Dark Side Of The Sun
7.With The Violins
9.Pain Of Love
10.Under The Sky
11.Shut Up
12.From Above
As I have said, these are unofficial.

New Posts from Tom!

Guten Morgen!
"While I’m having breakfast you can already have a look at the first backstage pics from our covershoot. Can’t tell you too much yet ;) but we shot for 2 days till late at night and everyone had to do tons of overtime. All of this because Gustav and Georg took forever in make-up....as usual. Oh, and Georg had too many bananas and spent a lot of his time on the toilet....
Btw: The pic of me here beside the blog window is from the session."
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

" I can’t wait to meet our new stage designer and finally develop some new LIVE ideas. That’s pretty much the most exciting part before the tour kick-off. Well, obviously aside from the challenge of having to teach Bill, Gustav and Georg all their lyrics and instruments on time :D... But until it’s show time I’ll keep on collecting some ideas. This stage for instance is just amazing!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Schrei Live DVD - Beichte LIVE

Thanks for watching! This is the first upload of many. I am going to upload all the videos to this concert if youtube will let me. If it doesn't I will just make a video stating which one it is and you will still be able to download the video. If this does happen I swear to you that it will be these videos and nothing else bad.

Bill Kaulitz - All I Ever Wanted

Thanks for watching! I really hope you enjoyed this. I worked really hard like always. So please comment, rate, favorite, share or anything! This is my second video using Sony Vegas. Well it is a little better than the last one but I decided to cut the song short because I really didn't know what to put there as you can tell!

Tokio Hotel: Vampires or Unicorns + Free Download!

Thanks for watching! I think this is a question we all wanted to ask Tokio Hotel. Vampires or Unicorns. It would have been funny if they said unicorns lol.

Tom Talks About His New Blog!

Thanks for watching! Well, the album is still not out but Tom Kaulitz decided he wanted to "entertain" their fans with a blog. He is going to entertain his fans with things he likes, updates on the new album and secrets about Bill. That's something to hear. But sorry Tom, I think we would rather have the new album lol.